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10 things to do…when you get 20 minutes to yourself!

Once in a blue moon you might find yourself surrounded by peace and quiet, so this is your opportunity to grasp it!

And no, it’s not time to tidy up. This is the time you should use to look after yourself because having some ‘me’ time can do a world of good!

  1. Reminisce through the photos on your phone (and delete those embarrassing ones of you that you might not want anyone to see)
  2. Call a friend to brag about the fact that you’re not doing anything right now!
  3. Attempt to do an at home workout and feel so much better about yourself for having a go.
  4. Open the kids colouring books and go wild (they will never know)
  5. Raid the fridge and eat any forbidden snack you want!
  6. Put your earphones in and lip sing to your favourite tunes! Don’t worry we won’t judge you if it’s a Justine Clarke song.
  7. Play with play dough. Nothing is more calming than making exotic animals out of pink clay.
  8. Have a shower and wash your hair.
  9.  Start a journal and write down your thoughts. The next time you look at it could be months so this is always a good laugh.
  10. Lastly…lie on the floor and just take in the moment!

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