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2019: the year Australia moved away from plastic

There are few materials that pose such a threat to the environment as plastic. Not only is plastic regularly dropped as litter, but animals can mistake plastic for food (particularly marine animals). Unfortunately, plastic can take tens, or even hundreds, of years to decompose. Until decomposition occurs, plastic continues to accumulate, creating landfill. Some of the biggest contributors to the problem of excess plastic are single-use carrier bags, which is why it's great news that by the end of 2019, single-use carrier bags will be phased out across another Australian state, Victoria!

The bag ban that's saving the environment

Single-use carrier bags have long been recognised as a damaging source of plastic which most people can live without quite easily. The Tasmanian town of Coles led the way in banning plastic bags way back in 2003. In 2008, South Australia implemented a state-wide plastic bag ban as part of its "Zero Waste" policy. Other states followed suit, until by the end of 2018 only New South Wales and Victoria still permitted plastic bags. Reduction in bag use was given a welcome boost towards the end of 2018 when Australia's two largest supermarkets (Woolworths and Coles) introduced a complete ban on single-use bags in their stores. With more retailers set to follow their good example, it looks as if Australians can look forward to a future free from plastic bags, at least when it comes to single-use bags. Currently, the only state which still hasn't banned plastic bags is NSW.

The private sector is leading the way when it comes to plastic-free!

Now that Woolworths and Coles have banned the bag, it's likely that most other retailers will do the same thing.

Make 2019 the year to go plastic-free! As consumer pressure increases, it's likely that producers will start looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic packaging that goods are packed in prior to sale. Because the private sector is driven by consumer demand, they are able to work quickly and proactively to provide the more environmentally-friendly options that Australians want.

We can all do with going plastic-free

Now bags are banned, it's time to start looking at other ways in which single-use plastic is commonly used. Consumers can do their bit by taking reusable bags with them when they shop and opting for goods which aren't pre-packed where there is a choice. Making conscious decisions to find alternatives to plastic in our everyday lives can really make a difference to the health of the planet.

Plenty of eco-friendly, plastic-free bag and food wrapping options

Opting for reusable shopping bags is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reducing plastic use. Cling film, a popular food wrapping, can be easily replaced with cloth wraps or simply dispensed with altogether. With so many differently shaped containers on the market, most food can be transported or stored in a reusable container, without the need for any wrapping at all. Check out our great selection of Bee Wrappy Beeswax Wraps, here at Bees Wrap, today.