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3 things to do this holiday break

School holidays are finally here, which means there are some great new opportunities to get out and about with the kids.  You can also save some pennies with a great range of free outdoor activities. Here are our top three.

Take on a beach animal encounter

We have an extraordinary coastline, but we don’t always take the time to find out who might live there. So hit the beach and discover new wonders with the kids. Walk along the rock pools to find crabs close-up, starfish in their habitat, and molluscs hanging-on until the tide comes in. Take a sketchpad and pencils, and capture the beauty of the animals and dune-scape over a picnic lunch, before paddling in the waves.

Enjoy the canopy of space
It’s the holidays, so bedtime needn’t be too strictly observed! Stargazing on a warm night is a powerful, bonding, and fun family experience. Not sure how to describe what you see? Turn to a stargazing app — just add one to your mobile phone or tablet and access a geo-located view of the night and constellation. Remember to take a blanket, warm clothes and comforting snacks…and perhaps sprinkle a little stardust on the occasion by adding some space-themed songs to your playlist.

Rock those rainy days

We can’t count on consistent sunny days at this time of year, so consider a trip back in time. Look at the history of the local settlers in your area, work with your kids to create fun new games such as jacks to play on the living room floor, and cook up some nice warm scones and jam for the afternoon…or make a double portion for the picnic tomorrow!
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