Bee Wrappy

6 awesome hacks for your beeswax wraps

Made from beeswax and organic materials, beeswax wraps are the best alternatives to plastics.

They do not contain any chemicals, they are easy to wash and maintain and you can make your own. Many people, however, have problems finding the best uses for their beeswax wraps.

To help you with that, check out the following hacks.


1. Food pouches

Create little food pouches with the wraps, especially if you have school age children. Fold the pouches into halves and fold them shut. You can use the pouches to store edibles like nuts, berries, cereal and a few other small food items. Kids can comfortably carry their favourite snacks in the pouches without the risk of anything going bad.


2. Opening jars

If you have a jar that is almost impossible to open because it is slippery, a beeswax wrap can help to get a firmer grip on the lid. Simply wrap the beeswax around the lid and twist for an effortless opening.


3. Gripper

You can use your beeswax as a gripping mat. If you are chopping anything and your timber board keeps slipping off the counter or table, simply place the beeswax wrap underneath the board and it will stay firm until you are through with your chopping.


4. Soap wrapper

Sometimes when you are travelling, you need to carry extra items to keep your toiletries dry. An item like soap can be cumbersome due to potential leakage. To keep it dry and to maintain its scent, especially if you are out camping, wrap it in a beeswax wrapper. Next time you use the soap, it will be dry and it will not stick to anything.


5. Protection against icy poles

Icy poles are a delicacy, especially during the hot season, because of their refreshing effects. Handling them, however, can be cumbersome, especially if they melt into your hands. To protect your hands from the cold drippings, you can use beeswax wraps to hold onto the popsicles. This is especially handy for kids that might be a bit fumbly.


6. Fermenting Lids

When you are fermenting anything, you need to let it breathe and at the same time protect it from germs. Now, you can comfortably use beeswax wraps to help with the fermentation process. The wraps will allow your product to breathe and it will not let in any unwanted bacteria from outside.

These six simple uses of beeswax wraps are easy to accomplish and come in extremely handy.