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6 ideas to make your next children's birthday party eco-friendly

Generally, birthday parties aren't very eco-friendly. We often just pop to the closest party shop and purchase all manner of single-use plastic items that will get binned in the aftermath. This list can help you save a bit of money as well as throwing a far more eco-friendly party for your little one.

1. Reusable decorations

By purchasing or even making your own decorations that can be reused year after year, you can massively minimise the amount of rubbish leftover from your party. It is easy to make your own bunting from scrap fabric, as well as searching for other materials to make party hats and banners. We all have countless bits of cardboard, paper and material around the house, so they may as well go to good use.

2. Eco-friendly party favours

Instead of filling a plastic disposable bag with sweets, small toys and other items that will either get left behind or thrown away, try using fabric bags and put in some useful, harder wearing items. Perhaps pop in some homemade wrapped sweets or chocolates along with note pads, pencils and perhaps some little craft kits.

3. Bake your own cake

Cake baking isn't as tricky as it seems and you can save a good deal of money whilst avoiding buying a premade plastic-wrapped cake from the supermarket. Who knows, you might discover a new skill!

4. Minimise waste

Try to avoid items like plastic table cloths, straws, plastic cups and plates (instead use paper or wood), and gather up any bits of rubbish at the end to ensure they are properly disposed of.

5. Venue

Instead of choosing a large venue that everyone has to drive their kiddies to, use your garden or a local park for a lovely outdoorsy party. This is also a great way to introduce children to nature and the idea of being eco-friendly, without making their party boring.

6. Gifts

We are all guilty of purchasing toys for children that are made of plastic, come in copious amounts of packaging and will be ignored in a few days. Ask the other parents if they can bring toys that are made from reusable or recyclable materials such as wooden or fabric toys and puzzles.