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How long do Beeswax Wraps last?

This is a question our team here at Bee Wrappy are often asked. Before giving the answer, it's important to stress that, the better beeswax wraps are looked after between uses, the longer you can expect them to maintain an excellent condition. Of course, as our Beeswax Food Wraps are a natural product, they will start to show some signs of wear - sadly, don't we all! 

In fact, one of the most likely signs of this is the appearance of some crease lines - again so much like humans! You might also notice some slight cracking appearing in the wax; we like to call it 'adding a little character'! 

With all that said, we expect these superb food wraps to provide up to a full year of faithful service. By the way, if you want answers to some other questions we're often asked, just visit our teriffic FAQs page.

About looking after your Beeswax Food Wraps 

Here are four quick tips to help maintain your beeswax wraps' effectiveness:

#1 Hand wash (never in the dishwasher) them using cold soapy water, utilising a sponge to thoroughly clean them.

#2 Leave them to drip dry at a natural pace in your dish rack. 

#3 Store them anywhere that avoids either direct sunlight or a nearby heat source - such as an oven or microwave. They are really friendly wraps, so will feel quite comfortable sharing lodgings with your stock of tea towels!

#4 Don't use them to cover either hot bowls or food; don't use warm water to wash them. 

Above are a few key points to remember; for more detailed information about what to do - or not to do - when caring for these brilliant Bee Wrappy Beeswax Food Wraps, please visit our care page.

Thanks for wanting to provide your wraps with some tender loving care! We appreciate this, especially as we are so committed to ensuring only ethical and sustainable ingredients - including of course Australian Beeswax from Lismore in New South Wales - are chosen for their production. And, of course, we always want you to be happy with Bee Wrappy!