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How to make them eat (and enjoy) their packed lunch

Sometimes kids, for whatever reason, just won’t eat their packed lunches. You might find yourself day after day unpacking the same sandwiches and snacks that you packed in the morning. Sometimes kids get bored eating the same thing day after day, and sometimes it can be as simple as injecting a little bit of colour or fun into their lunch boxes to get them to take a bite. To help you get your kids to not only eat, but also enjoy their packed lunches, we have put together our top three creative tips for transforming their lunch boxes.

1. Make faces out of food

Kids love food that looks quirky and fun. Using a roll or a rice cracker you can make a cute face using hummus as a base to stick your features. You can then experiment with other items such as eggs, which make great eyes and capsicum or carrots, which are great for noses and mouths. You can place another cracker or close the roll on top, so that when your child lifts it off they will be delighted by their new lunch time friend.

2. Shapes and colours

We all know that sometimes how enticing a meal seems all comes down to what it looks like. Buying a handy bento box style lunch box that allows you to segment your kid’s lunches can make the entire meal look much more appetising. Use coloured fruits and healthy snacks like nuts to create variety. Your kids will be excited about sampling the different things on offer.

3. Get the kids involved

It might seem crazy letting the kids make their own lunch, but it might give you a good indication about what they like to eat, and will help them understand their own nutritional needs. It is recommended that parents let their children choose from a few different options and allow extra time for packing. You might be surprised, but kids are much more likely to eat what they have chosen for themselves.

We hope these tips help your kids start enjoying their packed lunches right away! See more at

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