Bee Wrappy

How to use your Bee Wrappy when you're camping

We are sure we're not alone in our love for all things outdoors, bush, beach and camping. Australia offers the most stunning and picturesque natural beauty just waiting to be discovered through eco tourism - there is a plethora of choices when it comes to bushwalks, camping spots and new adventures, right on our doorstep.

Bee Wrappy is proud of helping people reduce their single-use plastic consumption by providing a beautiful, natural alternative to cling-wrap. While Bee Wrappys fit right at home in your kitchen and fridge, they can also be a vertsile addition to your bush walking and camping essentials, working a treat AND reducing your environmental impact.

- Using Bee Wrappys to store snacks (like nuts, crackers and cheese) and fruit and vegetables when camping or bush walking helps to reduce your waste impact as you won't need to dispose of cling-wrap into the local area you are visiting. Instead, you can store wash, rinse and dry your Bee Wrappy, fold it up and it's ready to use again.

- Folding down your Bee Wrappy after use will also help you save space in your backpack when out and about. They are also very light weight!

- You can also repurpose your Bee Wrappy when it's not storing food by using it as a picnic or camping placement. They are super easy to wipe down at the end of a meal or snack.

- We've had many customers purchase a Bee Wrappys to act as dedicated hard soap bar packaging. Great idea!

- If you find yourself without a fire starter, you can instead use a Bee Wrappy. Simply take a dry wrap, twist into a long coil shape and light.

We love knowing that Bee Wrappys are out there, working hard beyond the kitchen, and having a direct positive impact on the environment and natural earth.