Bee Wrappy

How to use your medium Bee Wrappy - "The In-bee-tweener"

How to use your medium Bee Wrappy -
There is no case of "middle wrap" syndrome when it comes to our in-between Bee Wrappy medium sized wrap. It measures at 25cm x 30cm which means it's got a whole lot to give in the kitchen.

While the small wrap is the most ideal for things which can usually fit in your hand (like half a lemon), our medium beeswax wraps are necessary for those bigger food items and ingredients, which normally don't fit into a container, offering a sustainable alternative to cling - wrap.

Things like cut cauliflower, most kitchen bowls and a block of cheese are really happy nestled in a medium  wrap. Like all Bee Wrappy food wraps, the medium wrap helps to love food longer, so you could go a week between having to make cauliflower soup for dinner in Winter, and know that when you opened that food wrap, your cauliflower will still look as beautiful as the day you bought it home.

Medium wraps are also a good size to wrap, hold or cover food scraps ready for the compost bin, small platters and salad bowls for a BBQ and fruit and veg like rockmelon halves and cabbages.

We certainly love our medium Bee Wrappys (just as much as our other cotton food wraps) - they help fill the void between the small and large sized wraps, reducing food waste and the need for single-use plastic.