Bee Wrappy

How to use your small Bee Wrappy - "The Small, but Mighty"

How to use your small Bee Wrappy -
Measuring 17cm x 17cm, our small Bee Wrappy is definitely the hero in our kitchen, as, after all they say big things come in small packages! The small Bee Wrappys are like the worker bees in a bee hive - busy cycling through many different and important tasks.

Last night for dinner, the recipe we were following called for half an onion and half a lemon - half of this and half of that generally means that the other half of whatever you used gets forgotten, stashed away at the bottom of the crisper draw of the fridge, or even worse - thrown out before it gets it's time to shine!

Our pint-sized Bee Wrappy is the perfect size for wrapping all those small and humble, yet necessary ingredients, like lemons and onions, or expensive ones like avocados, which all too often go to waste once they have been cut. At any one time we have at least four or five small Bee Wrappys in use - usually storing things we plan to use in the next two or three days - they are very useful and versatile and have helped us become more aware of our food use and wastage habits.

When out and about with little bees, the small Bee Wrappy can also be used to make a snack-pouch to carry fruit like strawberries and grapes or nuts and cubes of cheese. They are easy to fold into a little envelope or pouch, and little hands find them fun and easy to hold. Send them in your kid's lunchbox to school full of yummy good stuff and we are sure they'll come home empty!

We have also used these little food savers to cover small bowls when preparing things for dinner, dips (when the lids gets lost!) and glasses or cups during outside BBQ's or picnics to avoid spills and flies and other bugs from landing inside. Needless to say we love our small sized Bee Wrappy food wraps - they are certainly indispensable in our house ;)