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Kitchen hacks! 3 everyday items that will save you time (and money)

Let’s be real: sometimes, living a sustainable lifestyle can be challenging. Time constraints, lack of choice, lack of knowledge and the pressure to conform to our one-use culture all make reusing and recycling much harder.

You’re here reading this because like us, you want to invest in your sustainable future and do your bit for the environment. We’re here to help with these kitchen hacks – 3 everyday items that will save you time and money:

1 – Bee Wrappy Food Wraps

Our wraps are the very epitome of a sustainable, reusable product. Our Bee Wrappy food wraps keep food fresher for longer. They come in a range of cool, fun designs and one application of beeswax lasts up to 12 months.

2 – Plastic bottles

Reuse plastic bottles and lids to make your own watering cans. This is a great activity for young children. Pierce a couple of holes in the bottle lid, fill the bottle with a bit of water – say about ¼ full for a 2-liter bottle – then put the lid back on. Now, give your indoor plants a lovely drink.

3 – Ice block sticks

Reuse wooden paddle-pop or ice block sticks. These can be washed, dried out and saved. A cute and healthy alternative for kids’ lunch boxes, the cleaned sticks can be pushed into a slice of fruit for a fun-to-eat treat.

You could also write on your sticks to use as labels in your veggie garden. You’ll want to use a permanent marker so rain doesn’t erase your handiwork.

There are so many ways to reuse use everyday items that help us live more sustainably: these are just a few. Stay tuned for more coming soon. If you have a kitchen hack that reuses everyday household items, we’d love to hear about how it’s worked for you.

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