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Plastic-free lunchboxes and how to do them right

Packing a school lunch can be a hard task. It needs to be nutritious and full of food that you know your kids will eat. It also needs to be big enough to give them fuel to learn and play, but it can't be so big that they end up throwing away the majority of the contents.

Another thing that you need to be wary of is the amount of plastic that is involved. Plastic is everywhere - it is in our oceans and forests, but it doesn't need to be in our children's school lunchboxes. Follow these easy tips to ensure that you provide a plastic-free nude lunchbox for your children.

Eliminate plastic at the source

It is easy to think that by just eliminating the plastic that is in your child's lunchbox you are providing a plastic-free lunch. But what did the ingredients come in? You can eliminate the packaging from the start by taking your own canvas bags to the supermarket or market to put your veggies and fruit in. You could also take a canvas bag to the bakery to buy fresh bread without the plastic packaging.

Say no to plastic wrap

There are many natural alternatives to plastic wrap, and none better than using beeswax wraps. You can use them again and again, they are easy to wash and come in many great patterns. You can wrap sandwiches, fruit, leftovers and basically anything that you need to put in your child's school lunch.

Provide a reusable water bottle

Buy a good quality water bottle, help your child to decorate it with stickers and you can bet that they will love it. Food isn't the only important thing in your child's lunch. Proper hydration, especially in the hotter months, is crucial to ensure your child stays focused at school. And not only this, you will install a life long habit of carrying a water bottle, and therefore eliminate plastic water bottles, one of the biggest avoidable waste products.

By providing a plastic-free lunch box you will not only help eliminate the amount of plastic that we currently consume, but will also set an example for future generations.