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To stay in or go out? How we make the most of our weekends.

When the weekend rolls around, as a family, we always have an important choice to make. In our local area, we are spoiled for choice with wonderful things to do, great weather, and a vibrant community. However, sometimes we know that if we overload the kids with too much activity, they will become tired, cranky and worn out. Sometimes, our kids just love a little bit of time at home doing arts and craft activities, which also lets us bond as a family and recharge our batteries.

If you find yourself in the same situation, we have put together this helpful guide you can use to plan a great weekend, whether you choose to stay in or to go out:

Stay in

Staying in certainly has its positives. It is cheap, you don’t need to battle with traffic and crowds, and it is not weather-dependent. If you choose to stay in, you can turn your home into a crafts wonderland. Why not clear everything off the dining table and set up a station with materials for colouring, painting, collaging, and creating. Craft supplies are low cost and will often last multiple uses, so a small investment up front will pay off with loads of fun. Kids love crafts, and as parents, we love to join in and discover our inner child, while seeing the delight that comes with creating and learning.

Go out

If you decide to go out, why not find a local park farm or farm stay in your area? This is a great way to educate the kids about the environment, food and animals. Most farms will have daily programs which include visiting the nursery, feeding animals, milking cows, tractor rides, whip cracking, cooking damper, and pony rides. Get back to basics and show the kids what life on a farm is like, helping them to foster an appreciation for their greater surroundings.

So stay in or go out? The choice is yours, but we are sure whatever you choose, you and your family will have a fantastic weekend.

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