Bee Wrappy

Certified Safe

Bee Wrappy is proud to announce that we are the first wax wrap certified safe for food storage.

Like you, we take our family's health and safety seriously, so we wanted to make sure our wraps were made to meet multiple stringent international standards.

While there are many producers of reusable wax wraps around Australia and the world, the industry is largely unregulated and therefore there is a significant variance between ingredients amongst makers.

Bee Wrappy has always been very open and transparent about where our ingredients come from and the complete sustainability and ethical footprint of these ingredients and therefore our product.

We felt it was in your best interest to have our wraps tested by an independent facility in Germany to confirm that they are safe to use on your food. 

What the lab results show

We are as safe as any commercial packaging product for domestic use because of the following - 

We are proud to share this information with you and are pleased that our wraps are made to meet these high-quality international standards. Now we know that Bee Wrappy Beeswax Food Wraps are good for the environment AND safe for you too.

More information about where we source our ingredients from can be found here

Happy wrapping with the world's safest reusable beeswax food wraps.