Bee Wrappy

Ethical Ingredient Sourcing Policy

Bee Wrappy is proud to use ethical and sustainable ingredients to produce our beeswax food wraps. Knowing where our ingredients come from, how they are made and who makes them means we can deliver a complete made with love product. Our wraps carry the Australian Made certification too, so you know that you are using a product made to meet exceptionally high standards.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton from A&A Eco Products -
We proudly use GOTS Certified, ethically sourced organic cotton from India to produce our Bee Wrappy beeswax food wraps. Our cotton comes from A&A Eco Products, who have been in the eco textile industry for more than 10 years. They only use azo-free, low impact or herbal dyes which are completely food safe (Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification), recycle left over fabric and excess dye gets used as a fertiliser for their organic vegetable farm. Sourcing cotton grown and manufactured under the GOTS Fair Trade guidelines means we know our wraps meet high international standards of ethical production, including using no forced labour or sweatshops.

Australian Beeswax from NSW
We owe a lot to bees. They produce the beautiful wax which acts as the necessary foundation in the blend of ingredients we use to coat the cotton to make our wraps. We make certain the wax we source is of the highest quality available, and the bees which are responsible for it are cared for and unharmed. Our pure beeswax comes from Lismore, NSW, and the wax is at the forefront of crafting low impact and sustainable beeswax and have set global standards for bee keeping and wax harvesting. Happy bees make happy wax!

Wild Harvested Virgin Coconut Oil from Niugini Organics 
Niugini Organics harvests beautiful wild coconuts from over 200 smallholder families who farm on their own land in villages across Papua New Guinea, with more than half of suppliers being women. They are organic certified and take sustainable practices, employment and local community engagement seriously. Not only does Niugini Organics provide a reliable income to local farmers, they also offer no interest loans to employees.

Dammar Resin from Southern Java and Sumatra, Indonesia 
We only use Dammar resin in our Bee Wrappy blend to coat our wraps. Dammar Resin is derived from 2 types of trees known as Shorea Dipterocarpaceae and Shorea Javanica. 95% of the earth's Dammar trees are grown sustainably by farmers in Southern Java and Sumatra, Indonesia. Dammar harvesting has become the amazing alternative to deforestation, and this industry practice is responsible for keeping most of the Javanese rainforests alive, while giving control over the land to the farmers who own it.

Jojoba Oil from Jojoba Natural Australia
Our jojoba oil is sourced directly from local family farms around the New England region of NSW. We take pride in being able to support Australian primary producers who have a complete investment in their crops, farms and sustainable practices. The oil is free from artificial colours and preservatives.