Bee Wrappy


OzharvestOzHarvest is a truly wonderful Australian organisation, and we are beyond proud to share the Bee Wrappy love with them.

OzHarvest was founded in 2004 and has quickly become our country's leading food rescue organisation, receiving donations of quality excess food from places like supermarkets, cafes and restaurants and delivering it to local charities who pass it on to people in need who might otherwise go without. They also run educational programs for young people and have a new rescued food supermarket in Sydney. They are just all- round wonderful!

Part of the reason we started Bee Wrappy was to help reduce our family's food waste. We found that before every supermarket shop we were actually discarding a lot of produce which we hadn't got around to finishing and had gone off. We started to explore different methods of food storage and discovered that beeswax food wraps mimic the natural peel and skin of fruit and vegetables, keeping food fresher for longer, which helped us to reduce our food waste dramatically.

The more we learnt about the great work OzHarvest do and how their values around food waste reflect our own, the more we wanted to be able to support them, even if in a small way. So we have decided to donate a percentage of all Bee Wrappy profits to OzHarvest so they can do more of their much-needed work. Every time you purchase from Bee Wrappy, you're also giving to OzHarvest, which is pretty great if you ask us!

You can check out the wonderful work OzHarvest do every day by clicking here. They really are a great bunch of people making a huge difference in our community. And when you see their famous bright yellow vans driving around you'll know you're helping to power them.