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Bee Wrappy

The story of our prints

Bee Wrappy offers beeswax wraps in five beautiful prints. We chose these while staying in Berry during a family holiday. Our days were un-rushed, filled with warm weather, long walks, delicious food and exploring quaint shops with our kids. These prints are unique, full of colour and beautiful rich patterns. Each one will make a bold statement on a salad bowl, cheese platter or in a lunchbox. They were picked with love by us, and we hope you love them too.

Each pack contains a random selection of our prints, it's like an unveiling when you open your pack to see what prints you've received.

This pattern unfurls like a wave or rainforest fern into a whimsical array of stunning blues and oranges. Since picking this print we've since learned that this type of pattern is known as a "zendoodle", so it's no wonder we felt kind of meditative when we chose it. We love how it twists and turns to reveal such a simple yet stunning design.
Pop! Goes the Parasol
The design features lovely subtle blues and muted grays and whites. It's definitely understated at first glance; it's not till you look closely you see the delicate and intricate pattern within the circles. We chose this print because our daughter loves paper parasols, so this design reminds us of her. It's such a lovely, simple print, we just adore it.
Spring Bloom
A burst of floral beauty features on this print. Flowers, petals and seed pods shower the cotton to make a bold and colourful statement. It's a stunning colour palette, reminding us of spring time, warm air and being with family and friends.
Garden Story
Everyone falls in love with this print! And we know why! We were drawn to the bright, playful nature of this design which features big, bold blossoms, as well as some hidden gems (if you look carefully enough). It's so beautiful, like a garden story on cotton.
Autumn Shower
Whether you see falling raindrops or Autumn leaves, this print is simply perfect. The colours change across the cotton so it's dynamic in it's simplicity, which makes this print very special. This print is an understatement of how beautiful nature is, even when we don't notice it.