Bee Wrappy

Where to buy beeswax wraps in Tasmania

Bee Wrappy bees wax covers are sold in a number of stores in Tasmania and surrounding suburbs. Please click here for our store locator

Our beeswax covers are proudly certified as Australian Made. We only use 4 ingredients with our GOTS certified organic cotton: Organic Australian Beeswax, Dammar Resin, Australian Jojoba Oil and Wild Harvested Coconut Oil. We handcraft our wax mixture with care and then carefully apply them to our beautifully designed printed cotton.

Our wraps provide a "second skin" for your food and allows it to breathe. We have been told by many customers that this leads to their avocados lasting longer and their cheese not becoming slimy. We also reccomend using them as makeshift pouches for snacks and berries, especially for the kids.