Bee Wrappy

Will my wraps melt in the heat?

We often get asked if our Bee Wrappy wraps will melt in particularly hot or humid locations like Darwin or Cairns.

This is a good question, and because we don't want our friends in tropical climates missing out, here's what we can tell you -

No matter where you live Bee Wrappys should avoid direct sunlight. They will almost certainly always melt in to a very sticky and messy wrap if exposed to extended time in direct sunlight. So it's best to keep them off sunny car seats (unless in a lunchbox and cooler bag) and out of the beaming sun on the beach or in a park.

Along with direct sunlight when out and about, being aware of the sun's position in your kitchen will also be important to ensure the longevity of your Bee Wrappy wraps. Tuck your wraps out of direct morning or afternoon sun in your tea towel draw or alongside your fruit bowl. This will keep them cool and happy.

Our Bee Wrappy wraps handle all other hot and humid locations like Cairns and Darwin with flying colours. You can expect them to be soft, pliable and perform as intended, but they will not melt!