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Beeswax Wraps being used by a family around a table

Australian Made Beeswax Wraps

The beautiful alternative to cling wrap and single-use plastic.

Ok, lets get started!

Different sizes of beeswax wraps
Beeswax wraps on a bowl

What sizes are available for my beeswax wraps?

Small - 17cm x 17cm
✔ Great for cut avocados
Medium - 30cm x 25cm
✔ Great for covering bowls
Large - 34cm x 34cm
✔ Great for sandwiches
X-Large - 40cm x 60cm
✔ Great for a loaf of sourdough

How do you wash beeswax wraps?

Super simple!

Wash like a plate, with a sponge, in cool soapy water, and air-dry in the dish rack. 

Do not use hot water, or the wax will melt!

Bee Wrappy Prints

Which patterns do my beeswax wraps come in?

We have 7 uniquely beautiful prints that have been carefully selected to make a statement in your kitchen or lunchbox. 

Click here to see our patterns

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How much is Shipping?

All Australian orders are shipped FREE.
Express is $10 Australia Wide
International is $10.

Why Bee Wrappy?

We offer exceptional customer service and take our corporate, social and environmental responsibility pretty seriously. Read more about how we give to OzHarvest here and where we source our beautiful ingredients from here.

Our beeswax wraps are made from

Organic Cotton
Organic Australian Beeswax
Dammar Resin
Australian Jojoba Oil
Coconut Oil
Australian Made

What are Beeswax Wraps?

Beeswax wraps are a reusable, washable and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic and cling wrap. 

Our beeswax wraps are made with organic cotton, organic beeswax, dammar resin, jojoba oil and coconut oil. 

Beeswax wraps last up to 6-12 months and can be used to cover almost anything that cling wrap can cover

NO Pine Resin

Our wraps always have and always will be 100% Pine Resin FREE. Read more about about our ingredients and their allergen information. Read More 

Want to use even LESS plastic?

Try our amazing produce bags, the come with their own carry case and hold 2.5 kg each!

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awesome reviews from awesome customers

I was introduced to Bee Wrappy through a business relationship. I ordered them online and I couldn’t be happier. They are practical and great for the environment. Great for cheese!

– Dianne

These wraps extend the life of fresh produce better than any plastic wrap that I've ever used! I'm sharing the fabulous uses of these to everyone I know!!

– Ruby

Beautiful patterns and they keep my food fresh. First time I’ve tried them and I’ve already found such value for money. Thank you!

– Megan

Bought these as Christmas gifts for the whole family and they loved the idea of reusable wraps! Guess what they'll be getting next year...

– Janine

Have used them for cheese and avocado so far. Absolutely amazed when unveiling avocado the next day - not a sign of browning. Thank you for such a great product.

– Lesley

Used it for my tramping trip in NZ. Kept the cheese and salami fresh for days!

– Christina

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Australian Made

Bee Wrappy Beeswax Food Wraps are proudly certified Australian Made. Read more on how we champion Australian manufacturing and local businesses

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